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About Gosustainable Indonesia

Sustainability consulting that maximizes your business potential

Our professional and passionate team guides your company to sufficiently display its environmental and social impact on sustainability to the stakeholders,
and to have a crystal clear vision and a path to follow.

We support our clients becoming the sector leaders in sustainable, ESG practices.

Our consultants are qualified with GRI Certified Sustainability Professional,
MSc Sustainable Energy and Environment.


Tsuyako “TJ” Shinomiya-Iwanaga

Personal Value

“Listening to unheard voices and reaching out to those in need”

Working in the fields of international humanitarian aid aligned with MDGs/SDGs since 2002 made my mission unshaken.

Responding to the fact that the underprivileged population is the most vulnerable to global climate change, our science-based approaches inspire organizations to tackle climate challenges and social imbalance simultaneously. - Founder Tsuyako Shinomiya Iwanaga

Study  & Career Path

PgC International Child Welfare, UEA;
International humanitarian aid; refugees, orphans, HIV/AIDS, natural disasters;
GRI Certified Sustainability Professional


“I’ve done all I could do for the coming generations to feel hopeful for their future”

I envisage myself being a 75-year-old proud grandma telling my three children and grandchildren in 2050, which is the curfew for the whole world is expected to achieve carbon-neutral.

The future is something that children can always dream of, and be excited about.

I believe humanity will make it. That being said, no more time to waste.


Adiel Chrissetia

Personal Value

“Do not ever forget to do everything with compassion and humility”

During my university, I have gained growing knowledge about the challenges faced every day in the environment such as climate change. Realising that climate change is real, awareness about this issue and also behavioral changes in society and many sectors are needed.

Study  & Career Path

MSc Sustainable Energy and Environment
BSc Biotechnology
Waste management and energy efficiency projects. Interested in sustainability and community services.


“One step at a time from the simplest one for a greener planet”

I believe that mother earth is our responsibility to protect especially for future generations. By acknowledging the surrounding environment and continuously adapting the work on sustainable development in order to meet the greatest impact for the planet.

Associate Consultant / PLUMO Project Development Lead


Personal Value

“Change is inevitable, growth is optional. Life is a never ending learning process.”

Having been exposed and immersed in diverse communities, cultures, and places makes me realise there is always more than one way to see things. Problem in one place is not always seen as a problem in another. Similarly, what works in one place, may not always be the solution for another.

The reality of the climate crisis we are all facing now is also seen and felt differently by one another. Constant open communication, collaboration, government support, science-based targets combined with locally-led wisdom and actions are the keys to achieve climate justice. - Founder Tsuyako Shinomiya Iwanaga

Study  & Career Path

Master of Ecotourism
Bachelor of Architecture
PADI Divemaster
Design & Communication | Sustainable Tourism | SME Business Development


“A true life fulfilment is knowing that our contribution is what helps the collective.”

Looking back to where you were and what you have become now, have you noticed any invisible red line that connects all the dots?
For me, it has always been the wildlife, water, and landscapes surrounding all of us. These are my lifeline. Therefore preserving and caring for nature means taking care of my own self. In turn, it allows me more space to care about others and the future generations as well.


We are incredibly happy with GoSustainable’s expertise,
the degree of support and inspiration they give us,
and the ability to promote our business to another level.

GoSustainable is committed to creating a long-term value for our company through all the actions we take in day-to-day business practices.

Their strategy identifies environmental, social, and economic impacts our company makes and manages to mitigate the negative impact and risks while maximizing the trust and benefit.

We highly recommend GoSustainable to any organization of any size or sector, that is seeking ways to get more authentic in sustainability.

Edith Szabo
Bali Life Bodycare
Founder & CEO


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