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Our Values

  • Science-based practices. No green-washing.
  • Identifying and sharing the challenges and negative impact matters. We believe that’s the way we find the solutions collectively.
  • Enhancing intersectoral collaboration and partnerships.
  • Long-term commitment for achieving the targets through actions. No talks without walk.
  • Inclusiveness for emphasizing diversity and resilient livelihood.
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Sustainability Consultation

GoSustainable serves as a mentor for your organization's sustainable journey.

GoSustainable Indonesia

Sustainability Reporting and Third-Party Assurance

No green washing
No impact washing
Be authentic by sharing the challenges

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GoSustainable works together to connect the dots.

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ESG Evaluation for Investors

Investing in a better future?

Halve Emissions Before 2030. Achieve Net Zero by 2050.

GoSustainable is committed to Race to Zero – the global campaign by United Nations Climate Change
through SME Climate HUB


"We are incredibly happy with GoSustainable's expertise,
the degree of support and inspiration they give us,
and the ability to promote our business to another level.

GoSustainable is committed to creating a long-term value for our company through all the actions we take in day-to-day business practices.

Their strategy identifies environmental, social, and economic impacts our company makes and manages to mitigate the negative impact and risks while maximizing the trust and benefit.

We highly recommend GoSustainable to any organization of any size or sector, that is seeking ways to get more authentic in sustainability.

Edith Szabo
Bali Life Bodycare
Founder & CEO


Stories from GoSustainable

PLUMO : The Journey

PLUMO : The Journey

Susan StephaniePublished : 21 September 2023 "We must occupy the food system to create food democracy." Vandana ShivaIn the beginning when we first started GoSustainable #ClimatarianMovement, we were hoping to spread awareness, encourage everyone to make better...

Insight from Indonesia Net Zero Summit 2022

Insight from Indonesia Net Zero Summit 2022

Adiel ChrissetiaPublished : 16 November 2022 Indonesia Net Zero Summit 2022: ‘Industrial Decarbonisation at All Cost’ took place in Bali and was hosted by Indonesian Chamber and Commerce Industry (KADIN Indonesia). Industrial decarbonization is a way for businesses to...

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