Adiel Chrissetia
Published : 22 April 2022

On 22nd April 2022, we are celebrating the earth day. Today reminds every individual in the world that we must take an action to fight climate change together and save the planet. The efforts that are put into action will create the massive impact on the environmental and individuals especially for future generation. The earth day action spesifically will help to reach net-zero greenhouse gasses emissions and keep the temperature below 1.5 degree C.  

We are all responsible to nurture and preserve nature including the resources in the entire planet. Celebrating The Earth Day 2022, this can encourage all parties (citizen, individuals, governmental, business sectors etc) taking steps towards protecting the planet through mitigation and environmental friendly projects also the climate change awareness. Nowadays, many climate activist and organisations have been starting campaign and share awareness to the people also at the same time working together with stakeholders in delivering solutions for the climate change.

This year theme by the Earth Day Organisation is ‘Invest in Our Planet’. The purpose is to motivate all individual to gain awarenes in climate change to improve the condition of our planet. Also, how all sectors bring the sustainable development for the future through environmental, social and economy. By contributing in climate change action, GoSustainable aims to deliver sustainability awareness and also perspective to the small and medium enterprise. We also want to help the business in achieveing green future solution for the company itself. Despite that, we are eager to boost your business in implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through carrying out the sustainability framework on the business through our feasibility studies and methodologies. Currently, we are creating a sustainable supply chain by gathering the sustainable initiatives in many sectors on our platform. We want to connect the dot within organisations in sustainability to build the sustainable system also delivering action for the climate change.
GoSustainable believes that every action for the planet is important. Doing this together will create a greener planet for our future generation and also saving the planet. Happy Earth Day 2022, let’s us together Invest in Our Planet!.