Susan Stephanie
Published : 21 September 2023

We must occupy the food system to create food democracy.”

Vandana Shiva

In the beginning when we first started GoSustainable #ClimatarianMovement, we were hoping to spread awareness, encourage everyone to make better individual food choices everyday, and take part in preserving the planet’s food, water, and land security for future generations.

And just WOW, what a journey we have had since then!

On 11 February 2023, GoSustainable was selected as one of the 10 Female Startup Leaders to join the Bali Women Climate Entrepreneur Project (BWCE) held by New Energy Nexus Indonesia.

For 4 months, we were not only provided with various development support programs but one to one mentoring on the Climatarian Movement project as well. Realising the need to refine, develop, and practically implement the project into tangible actions, the idea of PLUMO app was then born at the end of the BWCE program.

Keeping the integral P.L.U.M.O. key concept of Climatarian Movement (Plant-Based, Locally Sourced, Unprocessed/Minimally Processed, Minimal Waste, Organic), we want to scale the project up by targeting food supply chain players through the format of digital application products.

The stars then aligned when PLUMO app was selected as the one of the 20 Selected Team of New Energy Nexus Indonesia – [RE] Energize Hackathon 2023 in June and moved upwards to the final 10 Finalists in August 2023.

During the one full month of [RE] Energize Hackaton, we embarked on a remarkable transformative journey of identifying, refining, and shaping PLUMO app; Indonesia’s first app that connects farmers and restaurants instantly.

Tackling the challenge on how vegetables are lost and wasted in the supply chain, PLUMO app comes in as the solution to achieve supply chain optimization by offering real-time supply demand matching, impact measurement, and collaborative partnership.

We are deeply grateful and humbled to announce that PLUMO secured 3rd place in the final [RE] Energize Hackaton 2023 program.

This is a huge milestone and achievement for us, and we thank YOU for the support given throughout the journey.

We’re now more determined than ever to develop PLUMO further. We have ambitious plans for expansion and innovation, and we’re actively seeking potential investors or collaborators who share similar passion and vision. Read more about PLUMO here

If you’re interested in being a part of our journey, whether through investment or collaboration, we’d love to connect. Please reach out to us at

Both #ClimatarianMovement and will go hand in hand in achieving food security for all. Join us and be part of the solution!