Adiel Chrissetia
Published : 18 March 2022

Celebrating international women’s month every year, reminds us that gender equality is an important part for sustainable development in the future generation. As it is one of the sustainable development goals number 5, UN women also stated that gender equality is interconnected with climate change. It is amazing how we see that many women from all over the world have been leading climate actions and bringing women’s leadership in sustainability. Nowadays, we believe that women all around the world are more aware about gender equality through empowerment actions and campaigns. Gender equality can lead to sustainability for the future. The role of women in leading and driving change in climate adaptation and mitigation are essential. We can take one example of how women are trying to reduce the waste of sanitary pads. There are innovations in menstrual cups that would bring awareness of sustainability in the future, especially among women.

However, There is also a part of the world that shows that gender bias is still rooted in many aspects such as cultures, economies, political, and social. Women are facing discrimination and abuse through society and prevented by taking a part in promoting the awareness of climate change. By bringing the governments and all organisations and sectors to support, we believe that this is helping the global actions for climate change solutions towards women’s leadership for instance in delivering a green economy. This will promote sustainability by enhancing women’s contribution to build a more sustainable system in this world.

The unending issues of climate change and sustainability will remain a mystery. Despite that, we know that women are powerful leaders and change-makers for the climate change movement through adaptation and mitigation. With the actions that have been done, we believe in the future women will develop a more effective way in reaching sustainability in many sectors. By continuing the empowerment through one another, and also with the improvement of gender equality, the sustainable future will be visible to achieve.