Meta data: Gloria Dickie and Simon Jessop, Reuters, “COP27 – Corporate Climate Pledges Rife
with Greenwashing – U.N Expert Group” 9 November 2022

Key points:

  • Many business sectors aim for net-zero emissions, however there is an implicit meaning behind those goals.
  • In COP27, the new standards are proposed to set the rigid indicator for the company climate claims on the net-zero target.
  • Last year during COP26 in Glasgow, the U.N Secretary General appointed experts to investigate the credibility for net-zero commitments around corporate climate claims.
  • The new details of standard is set a clear instructions to be follow by the companies in order to ensure their claims are eligible

Original article :

Promises by companies, banks and cities to achieve net-zero emissions often amount to little more than greenwashing, U.N. experts said in a report on Tuesday as they set out proposed new standards to harden net-zero claims.
The report released at the COP27 climate conference in Egypt, is intended to draw a “red line” around false claims of progress in the fight against global warming that can confuse consumers, investors and policy makers.

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